Pine Manor Theatre Workshop

Professor Deborah Kronenberg and Dean of Admissions and Enrollment, Samuel H. White, accompanied students from Pine Manor College to Dr. Sineath’s junior Literature class. The Pine Manor students facilitated a workshop on theatre and social justice.

Dr. Sineath is working toward establishing a long-term relationship with the theatre and social justice class, which is one of the signature courses at Pine Manor.

This workshop is tied to the ELA Common Core Standards on Speaking and Listening; Prepare or and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on other’s ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.Screenshot 2017-01-06 11.55.59

Young Women Leaders


Eight BCLA juniors and seniors attended the 12th Annual Massachusetts Conference for Women at the Boston Convention Center accompanied by Ms. Ferone and Ms. Castro-Petmezis.

This is the 5th year that Ms. Ferone has exposed some of our young ladies to the community and connection, the information and inspiration, the motivation and momentum to help them discover what they want—and go get it!

It featured nationally recognized speakers who shared their wisdom and expertise on a wide range of personal and professional development topics, helping women to findclarity on their goals and what they need to accomplish them.

The Young Women’s Program provided more than 500 high school junior and senior girls with the opportunity to attend the conference and participate in a seminar track designed especially for them.

Welcome from Dr. Francine Locker, BCLA’s new headmaster

imageWelcome from BCLA’s new headmaster, Dr. Francine Locker

I am an experienced instructional leader with proven ability to support teacher practice and student growth, and to guide the development and implementation of rigorous, relevant and responsive instruction.

Over the past 20 years, I have served BPS as a middle and high school ELA and Humanities
teacher, a Professional Development Manager in the Central Office, an ELA Instructional Coach
and as an Assistant Headmaster.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Boston University and a M.Ed in Elementary Education and Reading, as well as a PhD in Education Administration from Boston College.

Developing and sustaining teacher, parent and community partnerships in building a learning community that nurtures and cultivates critically conscious, questioning, creative and empathetic citizens undergirds my core operating principles. BCLA is a community of learners committed to
these principles and therefore, the catalyst for my desire to have the honor of serving as the Headmaster. I look forward to meeting and partnering with you.

BCLA Summer Reading

Boston Community Leadership Academy

Summer Reading Assignment for ELA Classes

  • Over the summer, you are expected to read at least two books new to you. One book should be fiction and the other should be non-fiction.
  • Complete the attached assignments, one for each book.
  • You should be prepared to discuss both books when you return to school.
  • Students in AP classes will have separate reading assignments.  See your AP teacher for details.
  • NOT SURE WHAT TO READ? For books available at and recommended by the Boston Public Library, visit:

Format for writing the assignment:

Your name:                                                                            Entering grade:

Title of the books I chose:


I chose this book because:

I got my hands on this book by:

Basic summary, plot or argument of the first book: (in your own words)


Some of the most interesting things in the first book:


Two passages worth discussing and why I chose them:

(choose two different passages. Write the words from the book and explain why you think they would be interesting to discuss.)


This first book really makes me think about:


Would you recommend this first book to others? If yes, who and why. If no, why not.

Summer Reading 1   Click here to open file.

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BCLA Field Day June 10, 2016

BCLA staff hosted students at a field day at Ross Field on a beautiful June afternoon.  Parents, staff, students and external funders contributed their cooking and creative time, food, sporting equipment, and cash donations for the rental of a large barbeque grill, a power generator, an ice cone machine and a cotton candy machine.  There were a myriad of sporting activities and art venues that ranged from making bubbles to dance.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the year. We hope this becomes an annual event!

(Photos by Ms. Evans)


 Group 4  DSC_0053[1] DSC_0044[2] DSC_0045[2] DSC_0064[3] DSC_0059[1] DSC_0062[1] DSC_0066[1]

DSC_0054[1]DSC_0046[1] DSC_0008[1] DSC_0028[1] DSC_0010[1] DSC_0101[1]  DSC_0067[2] DSC_0051[1]

Power Engineering Day

Power Engineering Day

On Wednesday 5/11/16 nineteen BCLA students attended Power Engineering Day hosted by the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology and Suffolk University’s Department of Electrical Engineering.  Students met with faculties and college students from the two colleges and visited with several Massachusetts industry representatives employing electrical engineers.  Students viewed live presentations of electrical technology, alternative energy production, and power engineering.  Students were guided by college mentors who accompanied them throughout the visit.  The displays were interactive and exciting.  BCLA students were joined by students from the John D.  O’Bryant High School and Charlestown High School.

The goal of Power Engineering Day is to acquaint students with the many careers in the power generating and power distribution industry.  There is currently a nationwide high demand for electrical engineers and electrical technologists.  Students interested in studying electrical engineering and electrical technology will be able to select from many industry career paths that offer steady employment, advancement, and a high rate of pay.

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BCLA Dreamfar Students and Staff Complete the Providence Marathon

Providence Dreamfar MarathonTeam Dreamfar

Front Row left to right; Daniella Ramirez, Leslie Ochoa, Jasmine Castro, Ivan Feliciano, Jordin Huang, Nouraddin Hussein (kneeling), Nicole Pelletier, Graciella Tabora, Sammy Gutirrez

Back Row left to right: Yohannes Kidane, Johanna Ochoa Martinez, Rebekah Charles, Jordy Baez, Vanessa Charles, Nhat Duong, Aliyah Jackson, Keith Magni

Not pictured: Bilal Lafta, Paul Faircloth

On Sunday, May 1st fourteen BCLA students and six staff leaders ran in the Providence Marathon. 13 students ran and completed the marathon; 1 student along with two teachers ran and completed the half marathon.

Completing this marathon and the half marathon are major feats.  This year, in addition to the usual physical demands of long distance running, many participants had to overcome sprains and strains that sometimes required physical therapy. Everyone persevered to the finish. Two of our students even ran a marathon for the second time!

We are all very proud of our runners and the team we have built. They are amazing, strong students and deserve accolades.

Please congratulate:  Jordin Huang (2nd marathon), Ivan Feliciano (2nd marathon), Nouraddin Hussein, Ricardo Cruz, Jasmine Castro, Bilal Lafta, Nhat Duong, Aliyah Jackson, Daniela D. Ramirez, Jordy Baez (half marathon due to injury), Vanessa Charles, Rebekah Charles, Yohannes Kidane, and Graciella Tabola.

Thank you to the staff and mentor leaders who offered training, support, and encouragement; Nicole Pelletier, Sammy Gutierrez, Paul Faircloth, Keith Magni, Johanna Ochoa Martinez, and Leslie Ochoa.

 A special thanks to parents and guardians for providing hope and determination to succeed.

 Warmly, Nicole Pellitier

BCLA Student Honor Roll 3rd Marking Period

High Honors
Name YOG
Alvarado, Ceide Sarai 2019
Arias, Viena Carolina 2018
Baez, Jordy NMN 2016
Balata, Soleen Sagvan 2018
Barry, Bilguissa 2018
Brown, Warren Douglass 2017
Castro Martinez, Jasmine Odette 2016
Dang, John NMN 2019
Duong, Nhat Minh 2016
Guzman, Yessica Maigualida 2016
Hang, Jacky Ching 2016
Hilaire, Bergeline 2019
Huang, Jordin Liuqing 2016
Jolibois, Florkenthia Medina 2019
Kizzie, Tyrell Demar 2018
Lafta, Bilal Mohammed 2016
Luckett, Noah Alfred Burlingame 2016
Matthews Bullard, Antoinette Shirley 2016
Metelus, Naika France 2018
Minga, Gloriana NMN 2016
Mitchell, Charles Eugene 2017
Ramirez, Daniela NMN 2016
Romero Granados, Erika 2018
Sandell, Edward Vincent 2016
Taveras Rosario, Bismary NMN 2018
Thompson, Javier Leroy 2018
Tran, Martin Minh Phu 2016
Umair, Mohammad NMN 2018
Velasquez, Jocelyn Mariela 2019
Washington, Toiell Janira 2017
Wen, Xiao Qi NMN 2018
Honor Roll
Name YOG
Abdullahi, Hibo Mohamed 2016
Agramonte, Angel Armani 2018
Alix, Maria Elizabeth 2017
Alonzo, Eric Joel 2017
Armstrong, Ledell Devonte 2016
Asif, Mohammad Sameer 2017
Baez, Kaylee Nicole 2017
Boyles, Joshua Malik 2017
Browne, Emily Marie 2019
Bynum, Henrique NMN 2019
Caceres, Anthony NMN 2019
Capellan, Katelyn Ariana 2019
Castillo, Heidis NMN 2017
Castro Ham, Makayla Tara 2018
Cepero, Cindalis Maria 2017
Charles, Furcine NMN 2017
Daveiga, Joselyn NMN 2018
Depina, Luisa Alves Fernandes 2019
Dubique, Jeff NMN 2016
Escalante Perez, Neida Olivana 2019
Fernandes Rodrigues, Monique Fernandes 2016
Francois, Marvens NMN 2017
Fuentes Little, Jhazarea Shatique 2019
Fuentes, Skylah Amari 2018
Galarza, Tianna Desire 2016
Gamble, Jelani Javon 2016
Gonzalez, Juan Jose 2018
Gonzalez, Rachel Franchesca 2019
Gonzalez, Taina Esperanza 2017
Gorash, Serena Rose 2018
Gourdine, Davante NMN 2018
Guerrero, Steven NMN 2018
Hassell, Destiny Aaliyah 2019
Hernandez, Glenda Melissa 2016
Herrera Tejeda, Ashley Marina 2018
Herrera, Marina Del Carmen 2019
Hill, Alexandra Kathleen 2019
Holguin, Francina NMN 2018
Hong, Dayon Rashaun 2019
Huertas Rivera, Kimberly Janeth 2016
Jackson, Aliyah Patrice 2016
Jones, Kemiqueen NMN 2018
Joseph, Fania Yazmine 2018
Joseph, Luc NMN 2016
Kidane, Yohannes Afework 2017
Laparra, Aseret Grisolia 2019
Leconte, Ashley NMN 2018
Lee, Jaelen Manni 2019
Letren, Stephen Lloyd 2018
Loyd, Darius Christopher 2019
Lucien, Nedjine Sabrina Marie Danielle 2019
Luckett, Zachary Howard Burlingame 2016
Mata, Brenda Beatriz 2017
Mejia Holguin, Angie Patricia 2019
Minga, Nivjana NMN 2017
Mitchell, Charlie Raheem 2017
Montes De Oca, Alejandro NMN 2016
Munoz Fernandez, Jomelly NMN 2019
Ngo, Perry NMN 2018
Nguyen, Darren NMN 2016
Nguyen, Veronica Thi 2018
Nova, Damaris Dignalis 2019
Novelle Ruddy, Jose 2018
Novelle Ruddy, RGustavo Alejandro 2018
Patsis, Ioannis Nikolaos 2019
Peevy-Moore, Latayven Nyshelle 2016
Peguero, Jenfry NMN 2019
Pelczar, Mark Joseph 2018
Pena Ramirez, Angel Steven 2019
Pena, Diana Carolina 2018
Peralta, Andre Jr 2018
Pham, Jacob Duy 2018
Phillips, Fernando Zion 2018
Pimentel Fernandez, Ana Teresa 2016
Pimentel Fernandez, Lesley Paola 2019
Pires, Aysha Gomes 2017
Rahman, Sajida Fiza 2019
Ramires Diaz, Emili Yolanda 2016
Ramires Diaz, Karla Emilia 2016
Ramos Mancia, Brandon Estive 2018
Reeves Davis, Malik Anthony 2019
Rendon, Camilo Andres 2016
Reyes, Angi Gabriela 2016
Rimas, Sean Michael 2018
Rivera, Luis Angel 2016
Rivera, Yenaidy Marie 2019
Rodriguez, Loren Yeranny 2018
Sanchez Moncion, Yariza Bienvenida 2016
Sanchez, Jhadley Thaychy 2016
Sanders, Camille Michelle 2018
Santana Francisco, Geymi 2016
Silva, Jordan Emanuel 2018
Silveira, Dairine Fonseca 2017
Singh, Seema Samwattie 2017
Smith, Daina Rafia 2018
Tabora, Graciela Fernanda 2017
Tanelus, Shandy Christopher 2017
Tejeda, Leylainy NMN 2017
Toribio, Danny Jose 2018
Valencia, Jennifer NMN 2016
Vargas, Yanitza NMN 2019
Villar Polanco, Jennifer Luisa 2017
Vuong, An Ton 2019
Walrond Williams, Tyrhe Shaimoni 2017
Weathers, Antonio Terrell 2016
Winder, Sela Milan 2016

BCLA Healthy Family Fun Fair


On Thursday April 28th from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. BCLA will host a Healthy Family Fun Fair. We hope you can attend!  The fair is an opportunity for students and families to have some fun participating in food tastings, receiving free health care information, hearing advice from sports experts, taking an active workshop like Zumba or karate or just sit back and let the stress go with a meditation or yoga workshop.  Health and wellness consultants will answer your questions.  Healthy snacks are available throughout the event and there will be prizes at the end.  We encourage parents and guardians to attend with students and other family members.  It’s all free.      Here are some of the participating partners for the fair.  Fresh Truck is coming to do a food demonstration with free food samples! The Daily Table is bringing snacks and free practical advice about shopping and nutrition! Want to learn how to run? Mr. Walker from Nike will be sharing his expertise! Kohls and Children’s Hospital are contributing items.  Our BCLA Health Center staff will be offering blood pressure screenings and health checks.  Dana Farber will be here with information about STD’s and prevention. Feeling stressed? How about learning some quick techniques to reduce stress, or make your own stress ball! Need to move? Multicultural Dance…Zumba…Yoga…Learn a karate move!  It’s up to you.

The BCLA Wellness Council